Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)


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Red Quinoa or Chenopodium quinoa, is an annual plant of the family Amaranthaceae.
This plant is native to South America, mainly from Peru and Bolivia.
Quinoa seeds are red the size of those of kudzu or motherwort.

Quinoa (which is part of the same family as Lamb's quarters) has long been grown for its protein-rich seeds.
It has been a very important food for over 6,000 years with chia.
Like beans, potatoes or maize, red quinoa was the staple food of pre-Columbian civilizations, but unlike the latter, it did not catch the attention of the Spanish conquerors.

Quinoa plant was a sacred plant among the Incas.
The Incas called quinoa chisaya mama or the mother of all cereals.
The plant is very rich in protein, and saponin (which is also found in the soapwort).

Sowing of red quinoa seeds:

Sow your red quinoa seeds in a box of fine potting soil, then cover the seeds with a few millimeters of substrate and then gently water with a sprayer.
Quinoa seeds will germinate after 2 to 3 weeks.
Finally, plant your Chenopodium quinoa seedlings separately in the garden at a full sun location.

  • Very resistant to drought.
  • Simple culture.
  • Contains a lot of omega3, iron and protein.


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Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)

Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)


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