Artemisia abrotanum procera SOUTHERNWOOD (plant)


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Cola shrub, also called southernwood or Artemisia abrotanum procera in Latin, is a very hardy perennial plant from the Asteraceae family.
It has the particularity of having a strong and very pleasant smell of Cola (like the famous drink).
Its leaves are very fragrant and fragrant to the touch.
Cola shrub seeds are very small and fine like those of wormwood.

It is a plant that needs a sunny location.
It is not demanding on the type of substrate and watering.
Its leaves can be eaten in salads and as an aromatic plant.

It is a plant with a cola scent that deserves to be known and original, just like the oyster plantpineapple sage or even the mushroom plant.

Cola shrub plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug.
Transplant your plant into a 5 liter pot with good horticultural soil then water thoroughly the first two days following planting.

For planting in the ground, choose a full sun location in well-draining soil.

It grows quickly and easily reaches 70 cm in height in the first year.

  • Withstands harsh winters very well.
  • Gives off a strong smell of Cola when touched.
  • Very decorative bluish foliage.
  • Has various aromatic uses.

Very original plant to discover.


Agréablement surpris plante très bien emballé

J'ai été agréablement surpris en recevant mon colis le colis était très très bien emballé c'est la première fois que je passe commande sur ce site et je suis vraiment ravi chaque petite plante et soigneusement emballé au niveau des racines séparément de chaque plante et tous amis dans un petit perwer les plans sont petits mais très bien pour mettre en appartement dans un premier temps

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Artemisia abrotanum procera SOUTHERNWOOD (plant)

Artemisia abrotanum procera SOUTHERNWOOD (plant)


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