Coffea canephora COFFEE ROBUSTA (10 seeds)


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Robusta coffee or Coffea canephora is native to Africa and belongs to the Rubiaceae family.
It exists in the wild in Uganda and Guinea.
It is a tropical shrub of 2 to 4 m height which is cultivated half shade.
Its flowers are white and very fragrant, the fruits are red and contain the coffee seeds.
Robusta coffee requires less maintenance than Coffea arabica and is therefore less expensive to produce.

Once roasted coffee beans are known as coffee, they are used to prepare the well-known and universally consumed stimulant brew.
There are several types of coffee to make the coffee drink.
Coffee contains caffeine, an alkaloid with stimulating properties such as Guarana or Cola Nut.
It is for this reason that coffee is mainly consumed in the morning.

Sowing robusta coffee seeds:

Soak your Coffea robusta seeds in warm water for 24 hours, then plant the coffee seeds in potted potted pots.
Cover your seeds with 1 to 2 cm of substrate and then water well.
Finally, place your seedlings in a place where the temperature remains between 27 and 30 ° c
Germination of coffee seeds usually takes place after 3 months.

  • Easy to grow, half shade under mild climate or indoors
  • Plant containing caffeine.
  • Very beautiful white bloom.

Exotic and tropical plant to grow indoors or in the tropics.



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Coffea canephora COFFEE ROBUSTA (10 seeds)

Coffea canephora COFFEE ROBUSTA (10 seeds)


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