Artemisia annua SWEET WORMWOOD (50 seeds)


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Annual mugwort or sweet wormwood is a very aromatic annual plant of the Asteraceae family, just like wormwood or southernwood.
It is a plant that grows very easily and has a very short vegetative cycle.
It produces small yellow flowers at the end of summer.
Its foliage is very aromatic and pleasant.
Its seeds are tiny and are covered with a down that allows them to be dispersed by the wind.

Chinese wormwood is a plant discovered in China and used in traditional medicine for over 2000 years.
This exceptional plant is endowed with very intense curative powers.
Annual mugwort is used in herbal tea by the Chinese.
They infuse the leaves of this extraordinary plant in hot water for a few hours and drink the precious brew.

After demonstrating its great effectiveness on malaria, the plant was also used against malaria and nowadays, research is very interested in this medicinal plant to fight against coronavirus-type viruses (including covid-19).
Despite everything, to date, no laboratory results seem to confirm its effectiveness.

Sowing Artemisia annua seeds:

To start, scatter annual mugwort seeds on a substrate such as sowing potting soil without covering them and leaving if possible 1 to 2 cm of distance between each seed.
Then gently water the seedling with a hand-held sprayer and keep moist until the seeds germinate.
Finally, place the Chinese mugwort culture in a place where the temperature will be between 20 and 25 ° C.
Germination will usually start after 2-4 weeks.
Once the annual mugwort plants are 6 inches tall, it will be time to plant them in the ground or transplant them into a pot.

  • Very rare plant.
  • Has various exceptional uses.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation but not treated.
  • Very aromatic foliage.
  • Do not consume without medical advice.

Seeds of rare grass to grow in the garden.


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Graines d'armoise annuelle reçues rapidement et en nombre.
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Artemisia annua SWEET WORMWOOD (50 seeds)

Artemisia annua SWEET WORMWOOD (50 seeds)


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