Chenopodium album LAMB'S QUARTERS (50 seeds)


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Lamb's quarters also called Chenopodium album in Latin is a plant of the Amaranthaceae family.
It is a large annual plant.
Lamb's-quarters is native to Central America, it is now found in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
It generally measures 1.50 m in height by 50 cm in width.
Its stem is erect, woody and hard.
Its flowers are very small and white in color.
Lambs quarters seeds are small, round and black in color, resembling those of catnip or quinoa.

In cooking, its leaves are eaten like spinach.
The young stems should be eaten like asparagus.

In Central America, the Mayans used it in traditional medicine.
For external use, its juice is applied as a compress to treat skin problems.

The most favorable period for sowing lamb's quarters seeds is from April to the end of May.
Sprinkle the seeds in a box of horticultural soil without covering them.
Water the crop gently with a sprayer, then place the box in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 25°C.

Germination of lamb's-quarters seeds will begin 2 to 3 weeks after sowing in a greenhouse.

  • Very rapid growth.
  • Extremely simple in culture.
  • Plant with multiple medicinal properties.
  • Reproducible and untreated seeds.

Do not consume without medical advice.


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Chenopodium album LAMB'S QUARTERS (50 seeds)

Chenopodium album LAMB'S QUARTERS (50 seeds)


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