Amelanchier canadensis SERVICEBERRY / JUNEBERRY (10 seeds)


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Serviceberry, juneberry also called Amelanchier canadensis, is a deciduous shrub in the Rosaceae family.
This shrub from Canada is vigorous, it can measure 4 to 5 meters in height.
This beautiful shrub has a spreading habit, ideal for providing shade to a small terrace, just like the persian silk tree.

This small tree is spared from most parasites, it does not attract aphids or mites.
It is very hardy and will easily withstand very low temperatures.

It produces very decorative branched flowers during the months of April and May.
These give rise to berries the size of a pea, blackish purple in color, very sweet and fruity.
When ripe, its delicious berries are eaten from the end of May, they resemble jostaberry.

In autumn the foliage turns red and orange tones like the Japanese maple, giving it a remarkable luminosity.

The most favorable period for sowing juneberry seeds is during the month of March until the beginning of May.
It is strongly recommended to stratify the seeds for at least 1 to 2 months in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for artificial stratification.
Sow in a box, covering the seeds with a few millimeters of substrate then pack down well.
Water gently and place the crop in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 25°C.

Serviceberry germination takes a relatively long time; generally allow between 4 and 6 weeks before the seedlings appear.

  • Magnificent ornamental shrub.
  • Reproducible and untreated seeds.
  • Produces little-known sweet fruits.
  • Hardy shrub, resists planting in containers.
  • Very beautiful white flowers in spring.

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Germination facile après stratification.

Il est vraiment très important de stratifier les graines d'amelanchier avant de les cultivées pour avoir un excellent taux de germination.

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Amelanchier canadensis SERVICEBERRY / JUNEBERRY (10 seeds)

Amelanchier canadensis SERVICEBERRY / JUNEBERRY (10 seeds)


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