Rosa rugosa RAMANAS / JAPANESE ROSES (10 seeds)


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Rugosa rose, also called ramanas rose or Rosa rugosa in Latin, is a plant in the Rosaceae family.
It is a species native to the Far East, where it often grows in sand dunes.
Its pink flowers are magnificent, flowering takes place all year round except in winter.
Its seeds are yellow and angular, like those of the dog rose. Its down is stinging like the ass-scratcher.

In Europe it is used mainly as an ornamental plant.
In Japan and China, where it has been cultivated for a thousand years, the sweetly fragrant flowers are used to make potpourris.
Its rough fruit is edible and consumed by the Japanese for its benefits for the body.
Its petals and fruits are sometimes used to make jams and excellent jellies.

The time to sow Japanese rose seeds is from March and April.
It is strongly recommended to stratify them before germinating for 4 to 6 weeks in the freezer in the refrigerator or naturally by leaving them outside in a cool place for a good month.
Then, prepare a tray of horticultural soil and bury them under 1/2 cm of substrate.
Water gently and place the culture in a greenhouse.

Its germination will generally begin after 4 to 6 weeks after carrying out stratification and then planting.

  • Very beautiful flowering.
  • Good cold hardiness.
  • Can be used as a defensive hedge because it is spicy.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.
  • Fruits are edible.

Outdoor ornamental plant on sale to be grown in beds.


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Rosa rugosa RAMANAS / JAPANESE ROSES (10 seeds)

Rosa rugosa RAMANAS / JAPANESE ROSES (10 seeds)


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