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Jojoba also called Simmondsia chinensis is a small plant of the family Simmondsiaceae.
This desert shrub is native to Mexico.
The bloom is yellow.
The jojoba has very thick leaves reminding that of the olive tree.
Although it hardly exceeds 2.5 m in its natural state, its roots are very long and deep, up to 30 m or more, which allows it to fetch moisture far and deep in the soil. ground.
Jojoba seeds or almonds are the size of those of chinese date or miracle fruit and are harvested in autumn.

Simmondsia chinensis is mainly grown for the production of its seeds used to make jojoba oil wax.
It is also called Sheep's Nut because it grows in arid places and in full sun.

Jojoba oil is extracted from it, a kind of liquid wax that does not get rancid.
This jojoba oil is used in the cosmetics industry to dilute essential oils, replacing the whale's white.

Jojoba almond oil is also appreciated as a massage oil because it penetrates the skin easily and does not leave a greasy feeling, or for the lubrication of motors and the supply of lamps for lighting.

Sowing jojoba seeds:

Start by scarifying Simmondsia chinensis seeds slightly with sandpaper until the cotyledon appears.
Then soak the jojoba seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
Bury the jojoba seeds under 1 cm deep in a very draining substrate by mixing sand with potting soil.
Finally, water copiously the first time and put the crop in a place where the temperature is close to 35 ° C.
Jojoba seeds usually germinate after 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Rare semi desert plant.
  • Cultivated like a cactus.
  • Fear the strong frosts.
  • Produces a lot of seeds.

Useful plant seeds for sale to be grown in the garden or in pots.



Semilla de jojoba para vender

Favor informar precio de la semilla de jojoba y cantidades mínimas que se pueden comprar. Vivo en la Ciudad de Guatemala. Mi correo es

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Semilla de jojoba

Buenas tardes señor mire estoy interesada y la semilla te dejo Jova me gustaría que me la mandasteis cuando esté disponible yo vivo en el sur de España me gustaría saber qué clima es el adecuado para sembrar jo jo va reciba un cordial saludo milagros

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Simmondsia chinensis JOJOBA (4 seeds)

Simmondsia chinensis JOJOBA (4 seeds)

JOJOBA seeds

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