Ananas comosus PINEAPPLE (6 seeds)


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Pineapple, also called Ananas comosus in Latin, is a plant native to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.
It is known mainly for its very sweet edible fruit.
Its flower is red in color.
Pineapple seeds are brown, oval and resemble those of the strawberry tree.
Pineapple belongs to the bromeliad family.
It can reach a size of 1 m to 1.50 m in all directions, with long lanceolate leaves of 50 cm to 1.80 m toothed.

Pineapple has an excellent source of manganese, vitamin C and the active substance bromelain or bromelain.

The most favorable period for sowing pineapple seeds is from the end of May until the end of July.
First, soak the pineapple seeds well in lukewarm water for 12 hours before germinating.
Sow pineapple seeds in a stewed state (in a greenhouse at 30/35°C) in a slightly moist and fine acidic substrate.
Cover the seeds with only a few millimeters of soil, no more.
Pineapple germination lasts around 2 to 3 months, which is relatively long.

Exotic and tropical plant seeds to grow indoors or in a mild climate.


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Ananas comosus PINEAPPLE (6 seeds)

Ananas comosus PINEAPPLE (6 seeds)


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