Argemone mexicana MEXICAN POPPY (25 seeds)


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Mexican poppy called also Prickly poppy or Argemone mexicana is analgesic, antispasmodic, possibly hallucinogenic and sedative plant.

Argemone contains alkaloids similar to those in the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) and so can be used as a mild pain-killer.

The fresh yellow, milky, acrid sap contains protein-dissolving substances and has been used in the treatment of warts, cold sores, cutaneous affections, skin diseases, itches etc.
It has also been used to treat cataracts and has been taken internally in the treatment of dropsy and jaundice.

Root of this plant is alterative and has been used in the treatment of chronic skin diseases.

The flowers of Mexican poppy are expectorant and have been used in the treatment of coughs and other chest complaints.
Mexican poppy seeds is demulcent, emetic, expectorant and laxative same of Golden shower tree.

An infusion, in small quantities, Argemone mexicana used as a sedative for children (you can use hop's, wild lettuce and corn poppy too) , but caution is advised since the oil in the seed is strongly purgative.

Prickly poppy seeds has also been used as an antidote to snake poisoning.
The pounded seeds, mixed with mustard oil, are applied externally to treat itchy skin.
The oil from the seed is demulcent and purgative. It has been used externally in the treatment of skin problems.

Sowing of Mexican poppy seeds:

Sow your seeds directly in place in the garden, on a fine and very draining soil.
In pot, sow your argemone seeds in a batch of 3 or 4 in a very ventilated substrate, water only once and let your Mexican poppy seeds germinate in a warm place.
Germination begins after 15 days to three weeks.


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Argemone mexicana MEXICAN POPPY (25 seeds)

Argemone mexicana MEXICAN POPPY (25 seeds)


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