Lobelia tupa DEVIL'S TOBACCO (20 seeds)


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Lobelia tupa called also Devil's tobacco is a species of Lobelia native to central Chile.
Lobelia tupa is an evergreen perennial plant growing to 4 m tall.
The Lobelia tupa is a beautiful plant with red flowers.
Seeds of devil's tobacco are black and small, of small size like that of marjoram or fireweed.

Its latex is used as an abortifacient, and a hallucinogen, which may explain one of its common names, Tabaco del Diablo (Devil's tobacco).
Ironically, this plant has been used as a counter effect herb on nicotine addiction because of alkaloid Lobeline, a nicotinic agonist.
The Mapuche Indians of Southern Chile consider it a sacred plant.

Lobelia tupa loves dry soil and its roots contain a white latex irritating to the skin.
Almost the whole plant is adorned with luxuriant foliage, often finely hairy.

Lobelia tupa leaves contain the alkaloid piperidine and lobelin which are respiratory stimulants similar to the bala or the tasmanian blue gum tree.
It is used for popular medicine.
It was consumed as a substitute for tobacco.

The sowing period for devil's tobacco seeds takes place in May.

Sprinkle the seeds in a tray of fine, well-draining potting soil without burying them.
Then pack the substrate and water gently with a sprayer manually.
Then place the box in a greenhouse until the seedlings measure 10 to 15 cm.
Finally, transplant the plants into the garden or directly into a pot.

  • Very beautiful red flowers.
  • Rare lobelia variety.
  • Generally reseeds from one year to the next.
  • Sowing and cultivation without any particular difficulty.
  • Reproducible and untreated seeds.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Collectible ornamental plant only.


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Lobelia tupa DEVIL'S TOBACCO (20 seeds)

Lobelia tupa DEVIL'S TOBACCO (20 seeds)


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