Pereskiopsis spathulata GRAFT CACTUS (plant)


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Pereskiopsis is an unusually shaped cactus that looks more like a small shrub.
It has large green leaves and small spikes on the underside of its leaves.
Its flowers are yellow and open in spring.
Its seeds are small and black in color, they ripen at the end of summer, and resemble those of San Pedro or those of the Peruvian torch.

Ideal as a graft for cacti, it is the most used to date.
Graft and increase the growth of all cacti using this species.

Pereskiopsis, plant 10 to 15 cm high, delivered with its roots.
Upon receipt, transplant it into a pot of approximately one liter.
It is recommended to use a very draining sand-based substrate.
Water it thoroughly from planting, then let it dry until the next watering.
Never leave water in the dish, risk of root rot.
It is a species that resists very well to lack of water.
Be careful, it has many thorns just above its leaves.

  • Very easy to grow, easy to cut.
  • Rapid growth.
  • The graft for cacti par excellence.



plante en bon etat

Mon plant fait 15 cm et 18 cm avec racine. très bien emballer, avec ses 23 feuilles, une seule est tombé. Je vous remercie.

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Pereskiopsis spathulata GRAFT CACTUS (plant)

Pereskiopsis spathulata GRAFT CACTUS (plant)


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