Mammillaria sp yanu piedra PINCUSHION CACTUS (10 seeds)


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Mammillaria or pincushion cactus is a small round cactus with short thorns of the Cactus family.
Mammillaria is found in the wild in the warm regions of Central and North America.
It blooms pink and then produces a multitude of small red fruits containing the seeds.
Mammillaria seeds are the size of those of petunia or corn poppy.

Mammillaria are appreciated by amateurs because of the color of their flowering.
Most of the time, they are easy to grow and bloom.

The Tarahumaras used this small sacred cactus as a substitute for a fantastic cactus during religious ceremonies.
Nowadays, Mexicans consume Mammillaria (dry and ground) with beer during the holidays.

The best time to sow pincushion cactus seeds is at the beginning of summer.

Sow the seeds in a box made from 30% fine potting soil and 70% sand.
Sprinkle the seeds on the substrate then spray water on them.
Leave the box in a warm, humid place in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 30 degrees.
It is best to sow around May or June when the sun is already very hot.

Once germinated, transplant the mammillaria seedlings into pots separately.

  • Beautiful spherical cactus.
  • Germination without difficulty.
  • Beautiful pink blooms.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.

Do not consume.
Intended only for the collection of cacti and succulents.

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Mammillaria sp yanu piedra PINCUSHION CACTUS (10 seeds)

Mammillaria sp yanu piedra PINCUSHION CACTUS (10 seeds)


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