Echinocystis lobata WILD CUCUMBER (4 seeds)


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Echinocystis lobata called wild cucumber is an annual climbing plant of the family Cucurbitaceae (as the horned melon, the sponge luffa or the snake gourd.

it is a plant with strong development originating in North America.
This plant produces berries in the form of green spiny cucumbers spotted with white.
Wild cucumber seeds are long and brown in color.

Little is known about this rare species of cucurbitaceae.

At the level of the culture, prefer a place half-shade.
It is a beautiful vigorous climbing plant like the jiaogulan or the kudzu vine to climb on a fence or pergola.
Its growth is very rapid.

Sowing of wild cucumber seeds:

Sow your seeds in a rich and well draining substrate.
Plant a seed of Echinocystis lobata per 10 cm diameter pot.
Sprinkle then place your pots in the heat.
Germination of Echinocystis lobata occurs 2-3 weeks after seeding.

  • Very rapid growth.
  • Magnificent green and white fruit.
  • Grows in all types of soil.
  • Multitude of small white flowers during the summer.
  • Climbing plant to train on a fence or pergola.


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Echinocystis lobata WILD CUCUMBER (4 seeds)

Echinocystis lobata WILD CUCUMBER (4 seeds)


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