Smilax aspera SARSAPARILLA (10 seeds)


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Smilax aspera, Rough Bindweed or Sarsaparilla, is a species of flowering vine in the greenbriar family, Smilacaceae.
Smilax is widespread in Mexico, Central Africa, Mediterranean Europe and tropical Asia.
Sarsaparilla seeds are round the size of papaya.

The etymology gives its name to the fact that tired hunters dig up its root and eat it, thus finding the energy to hunt.

Sarsaparilla is a medicinal plant used especially in cases of rheumatism and skin disease.
Smilax triggers a diuretic and sudorific action during its consumption because it activates the blood circulation.
Only his roots are used in medicine.

Rough bindweed is also consumed for its fortifying and aphrodisiac properties in Mexico, as well as in the Amazon to increase virility and treat menopausal disorders.
Sarsaparilla is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases as well as horehound or purple coneflower.

Sowing seeds of Smilax aspera:

Sow your sarsaparilla seeds in a box of fine soil, water, then place the tray in a warm place like a greenhouse, the temperature should be at least 20 ° C.
Seeds of rough bindweed usually germinate after 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Very resistant climbing plant, grows in any type of soil.
  • The Smilax is perennial, so it repels all the years.
  • Products a lot of decorative red berries.
  • Sarsaparilla has many medicinal virtues.

Do not consume the plant without medical advice!
To be cultivated only for a collection purpose.




Con esta planta puedo hacer la bebida de raiz de zarzaparrilla?

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Smilax aspera SARSAPARILLA (10 seeds)

Smilax aspera SARSAPARILLA (10 seeds)


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