Leonotis nepetifolia LION'S EAR, KLIP DAGGA (plant)


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LION'S EAR, KLIP DAGGA live plant (Leonotis nepetifolia)

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The lion's ear plant also called klip dagga or Leonotis nepetifolia in Latin grows in southeast Africa.
It is a perennial, tropical shamanic plant that produces leonurine in its leaves and flowers.
Leonurine is a relaxing and relaxing substance just like wild dagga.
Lion's ear generally measures 2 meters in height and 80 cm in width.
The flowering of the klip dagga is orange throughout the summer period.

It is a plant widely used in Africa as a calming herb.
Eating its flowers and leaves soothes and calms stress.
The harvest is generally done throughout the year.

Planting and care:

Klip dagga plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug.
When you receive your plant, transplant it into a large pot of horticultural soil, drain the bottom of the pot well.
Water copiously when planting then place your crop in full sun after a period of adaptation.

In a mild climate, it is possible to bury the lion's ear plant directly in the ground in a sunny location.

  • Rapid growth. (Average height approximately 2 m in open ground)
  • Beautiful orange flower in summer.
  • Original because rare in France.
  • Perennial plant if brought in during the winter.
  • Medicinal plant with relaxing properties.

Do not consume without the advice of a doctor.
Collectible ethnobotanical plant only.

Also available in the form of packet for sowing.


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Leonotis nepetifolia LION'S EAR, KLIP DAGGA (plant)

Leonotis nepetifolia LION'S EAR, KLIP DAGGA (plant)

LION'S EAR, KLIP DAGGA live plant (Leonotis nepetifolia)

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