Tilia cordata LINDEN (10 seeds)


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Small leaved lime also called Tilia cordata in Latin, is a tree in the Malvaceae family.
It grows quickly, it can reach 30 to 40 meters in height.
It has particularly spreading branches.
Its trunk has smooth bark, cracking with age.
Its leaves are deciduous, simple, alternate, generally heart-shaped and with a toothed edge.
Its flowers are hermaphrodite, with five sepals and five free petals of yellowish white color, with numerous stamens.
They are very fragrant and give off a wonderful scent in late spring.

In traditional medicine, its flowers contain therapeutic properties.
In mother tincture as well as in infusion, they are recommended to treat many ailments.

Its flowers have medicinal properties to treat many ailments, just like hops or valerian.
They would also be used for their benefits on the body, like the Sichuan pepper plant.

Its beautiful, round, light brown seeds are used for making bonsai.

Sowing linden seeds:

The best time to sow is from November to March.
Start by stratifying the seeds in damp sand for 2 to 3 months either artificially by placing them in the refrigerator, or naturally by leaving the culture outside during the winter.
Then, sow them in small pots of potting soil and sand.
Bury them 1 cm deep, then pack gently and water gently with a sprayer.
Place the culture in a place where the temperature should be around 25°C.
Using a garden greenhouse is ideal for germinating them.

Its germination will generally begin 4 to 8 weeks after stratification and planting.

  • Very fragrant flowering.
  • Has many medicinal uses.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.
  • Rapid growth, without special requirements.

Trees for infusions and herbal teas on sale to grow in the garden.


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Tilia cordata LINDEN (10 seeds)

Tilia cordata LINDEN (10 seeds)


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