Crocus sativus SAFFRON (3 bulbs)


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Saffron or Crocus sativus is a rare bulbous plant from which a very expensive spice is harvested.
This floral species is part of the Iridaceae family.
Its red, yellow and purple flower has three stigmas.
Its stigmas are often dried and used in cooking as a seasoning or coloring agent.
Its bulb grows larger from year to year and produces flowers generally when it is 4 cm in diameter.
The Crocus sativus cannot be propagated by seed, because the plant is sterile, and therefore does not produce seeds, the simplest way to reproduce it is to divide its small bulbs.

Saffron, which for several decades was the most expensive spice in the world, originates from the Middle East.
It was first cultivated in the Greek provinces.

It is characterized by a bitter taste and a scent close to iodoform or hay.
Its characteristics make saffron a highly prized ingredient for many culinary specialties around the world.

It also has medical applications.
The traditional use of saffron as a medicinal plant is legendary.

Saffron has been used since ancient times to dye saffron yellow, naturally! Although little saffron is needed to obtain a bath, the cost price of this tincture is still very high.

Cultivation of saffron bulbs:

To start, prepare an area of finely aerated soil.
Take the bulb and bury it vertically 5 cm deep, with the root system facing down and the soft, duster-shaped part facing up.
Pack the soil well and water gently when planting.
The flowering of Saffron bulbs will take place at the end of the year.

It is easy to grow and requires very little space in the garden.

  • Resists the cold very well.
  • Cultivated without any special maintenance.
  • Beautiful flowering but little production.
  • Reproduces by division of bulbils, does not produce seeds.

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Crocus sativus SAFFRON (3 bulbs)

Crocus sativus SAFFRON (3 bulbs)


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