Leontopodium alpinum EDELWEISS (20 seeds)


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Edelweiss or Leontopodium alpinum is a rare perennial plant of the family Asteraceae.
It is among the most famous mountain plants with yellow gentiansilver thistle and genipi.

This mythical plant grows wild at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters in the mountains.
It easily acclimates to plain in a semi-shade place in cool soil.
Leontopodium alpinum is protected in the wild.
In the Hautes-Alpes, picking is totally forbidden.
It is a mountain alpine flower that is silver-colored in the form of a star with a yellow heart.

Edelweiss is a plant that is grown in Switzerland for use by the cosmetic industry for its anti-inflammatory properties and the marketing value of its image.
It is also found in certain gourmet products such as chocolate or fondue, as well as in liqueur.

Sowing edelweiss seeds:

Sow Leontopodium alpinum seeds in a small pot of fine potting soil without burying them.
Gently wipe the surface of your substrate with a small hand sprayer.
It is imperative then to stratify the seeds either by placing your culture in the freezer during 3 weeks, or outside during the winter period.
Once the stratification is done, place the edelweiss culture in a place at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C and let it grow.

Seed germination usually lasts 3 to 5 weeks following the stratification procedure.
Stratification not carried out will give no germination of edelweiss.

  • Beautiful flower shaped star.
  • Mythical plant rare.
  • Easy to grow, to plant partial shade in fresh soil.

Seeds of rare flowers on sale to plant in the garden.


Bonne germination

Mes graines ont germées en quelques semaines



Desearía q m enviarais un sobre con 25 semillas

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Leontopodium alpinum EDELWEISS (20 seeds)

Leontopodium alpinum EDELWEISS (20 seeds)


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