Cyperus esculentus TIGER NUTS, CHUFA SEDGE (10 tuber, seeds)


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Chufa sedgeTiger Nuts or nut grass is a plant of the family Cyperaceae like papyrus.
It is a perennial rhizomatous herbaceous plant of the family that Papyrus

It's a species that likes humidity and grows on the edge of the water.
It has many small edible rhizomes that are unfortunately not cultivated on a large scale except in Spain to Valencia.
Raw or dry, this rhizome is delicious.
They have the shape and size of a big hazelnut.

This original plant is used to prepare a drink known in Spain under the name "horchata de chufa".
It is usually consumed fresh or dry as a treat, just like peanuts or coconut, it is extracted a delicious milk.
It is possible to draw excellent oil and flour with dried rhizomes.
Rhizomes are sometimes used to catch carp and other white fish.

Culture of tiger nuts seeds:

  • It is possible to grow in pots indoors, plant the small rhizomes in a pot of 10 to 20 cm in diameter, water well.

Always keep a wetland until harvest.

  • Otherwise it is possible to grow it also outdoors, have the rhizomes in pots separately, wait until they reach 15 to 20 cm high and transplant the seedlings in the ground in a wet corner of the garden.

The harvest of the chufa sedge will be done in autumn, dislocate the tiger nut plants then recover the almonds, it is then possible either to keep them to replant the following year, either to dry them then to consume them.

  • Rare aquatic plant.
  • Hazelnut flavored almond.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation but untreated seeds.
  • Very easy to cultivate.

Seeds of rare and curious plants to plant in pots or directly in the ground.


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Cyperus esculentus TIGER NUTS, CHUFA SEDGE (10 tuber, seeds)

Cyperus esculentus TIGER NUTS, CHUFA SEDGE (10 tuber, seeds)


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