Cortaderia selloana PAMPAS GRASS (20 seeds)


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Pampas grass or Cortaderia selloana is a very large, rather majestic perennial herbaceous plant.
It is part of the Poaceae family.
This giant herb is native to South America, it is often grown as an ornamental plant in Europe.
It has now been found spontaneously in southern Europe.
It generally measures 2 meters in height by 1 meter in diameter.
Its magnificent flowers can be white or pink.
Pampas grass seeds are white in color, they resemble those of elephant grass or palmarosa.
Its very fine foliage is persistent in winter, be careful it cuts.

Pampas grass is mainly used as a decorative outdoor plant.
Its feathery inflorescences are often used, once dried, to make dried bouquets.
It is a very pretty ornamental grass to grow in the garden.

The ideal time to sow Pampas grass seeds is the end of May.

Prepare a box of horticultural soil, sow the seeds on top.
Do not cover them then water the crop with a hand sprayer.
Finally, leave the growing box in a warm place in a greenhouse at a temperature of around 30°C.

Pampas grass germination will generally begin 3 to 4 weeks after sowing.

  • Remarkable giant grass.
  • Beautiful white flowers more than 2 meters high.
  • Reproducible seeds and untreated.
  • Medium hardiness.

Outdoor ornamental plant seeds to grow in the garden.


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Cortaderia selloana PAMPAS GRASS (20 seeds)

Cortaderia selloana PAMPAS GRASS (20 seeds)


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