Allium ursinum WILD GARLIC / RAMSONS (25 seeds)


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Ramsons, Wild garlic or Allium ursinum is a perennial herb bulbous family Alliaceae.
Allium ursinum in Latin is a fresh and shaded undergrowth plant 30 to 50 cm high.
It has white, star-shaped, white flowers during the spring.
Ramsons seeds are small and of black color, they resemble that of the black cumin.
This plant returns to vegetative rest as early as June, the foliage yellowed and remains at rest until the appearance of the new leaves at the beginning of March.

When the foliage is slightly wrinkled, it gives off a strong smell of garlic.
The bulb is eaten like garlic except that it is much more pungent and strong in taste.
This leaves are eaten as an omelette during the spring.

Ramsons is a very ancient medicinal plant known to the Celts and Germans.
Remains have been found in Neolithic dwellings.
We eat wild garlic medicine to lower blood pressure just like the curry tree or goji berry.
This plant is also effective for treating asthma and bronchitis.

In recent years, wild garlic has regained popularity thanks to its high vitamin C content and its slimming properties.
The juice would help to lose weight.

Sowing wild Garlic seeds:

Sow ramsons seeds in a box of fine potting soil, if possible stratify the seeds by leaving them outside during the winter or 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.
Then sprinkle the seeds of the bears in a box of fine potting soil and then gently water with a sprayer.
Germination of ramsons seeds begins 3 to 4 weeks after sowing.
When the plants of Allium ursinum are 5 to 6 cm, transplant them in the kitchen garden, in a cool damp place and especially in the shade.

  • Very aromatic plant.
  • Easy to grow does not require direct sun.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation, untreated seeds.
  • Has interesting medicinal properties.

Wild garlic seeds also available in pack of 500 for wholesaler.
Also exists as fresh bulbs for growing.


Rapide acclimatation et pousse

Reçus rapidement, les trois plants se sont acclimatés et ont très rapidement commencé à se développer, à produire des feuilles.

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Reçu rapidement

Merci pour les graines d'ail des ours supplémentaires. Reste à les faire pousser maintenant.

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L'ail des ours, un ail très goûteux

L'ail des ours est une variété sauvage d'ail.
Il se cultive principalement à l'ombre.
Le bulbe et les feuilles se consomment.
À recommander.

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Allium ursinum WILD GARLIC / RAMSONS (25 seeds)

Allium ursinum WILD GARLIC / RAMSONS (25 seeds)


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