Leonurus cardiaca MOTHERWORT (15 seeds)


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Motherwort, also called Leonurus cardiaca, is an Asian plant from the Lamiaceae family.
It is now present throughout Europe, except in the Mediterranean.
This plant measures 0.50 to 1.20 m in height.
Its leaves and flowers are used in traditional medicine.
Motherwort flowers are white in summer.

Motherwort is used in medicine for therapeutic properties similar to Ashwagandhapuncture vine or ginseng.

The sowing time for motherwort seeds is early February as the seeds need to be stratified before planting.
Stratify the seeds artificially for 4 to 8 weeks in the refrigerator or naturally directly outside during the winter period.
Sow the seeds in a box of fine potting soil, pack the soil then water with a hand sprayer.
Germination begins a few weeks after cultivation.

Transplant the plants as soon as they measure 5 to 6 cm in height. Be careful of slugs and snails when the plants are still small.

  • Easy to grow plant, very hardy.
  • White flowers in autumn.
  • Grows on all types of soil.
  • Don't fear drought.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.

Do not consume without medical advice.
European plant seeds.

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Leonurus cardiaca MOTHERWORT (15 seeds)

Leonurus cardiaca MOTHERWORT (15 seeds)


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