Cercis siliquastrum JUDAS TREE / LOVE TREE (10 seeds)


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Love tree, judas tree or Cercis siliquastrum is a small tree of the Fabaceae family just like persian silk tree or saga tree.
It is a small tree 6 to 8 meters high.
Pink flowers appear in the spring on the old branches just before the leaves.
Leaves are beautiful, tender green, rounded and indented at the base, they are heart-shaped.
Judas tree seeds are oval, brown the size of those of the coffee senna.

Judas tree is sought for its superb bloom in April.
It is literally covered with thousands of little original flowers.
Its name of judas tree, Judea is a mountainous region that today corresponds to part of the West Bank and southern Israel.
It is very resistant and is cultivated where you want.

Sowing love tree seeds:

It is imperative to stratify judas tree seeds before cultivating them.
For this, either you do it naturally by leaving them out in wet sand in the winter, or artificially by leaving the seeds of Cercis silicastrum in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks.
Then, sow the seeds of Cercis silicastrum in small pots, it will be necessary to bury them under 0.5 cm of fine potting soil and to water with a sprayer.
Finally, put the culture pots in a place where the temperature will be close to 20 to 25 ° C.
Once Judea tree plants are 15 cm high, they can be planted in 5 liter pots or directly in the ground.

  • Very beautiful ornamental tree
  • Rustic tree.
  • Flowered directly on the trunk: a marvel

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Très bel arbre

L'arbre de judée est un très bel arbre qui fleuri rose au printemps avant l'arrivée des feuilles.
Il est très romantique et relativement rustique.
J'en possède deux roses et un a fleurs blanches.

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Cercis siliquastrum JUDAS TREE / LOVE TREE (10 seeds)

Cercis siliquastrum JUDAS TREE / LOVE TREE (10 seeds)


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