Chenopodium capitatum STRAWBERRY SPINACH (plant)


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STRAWBERRY SPINACH Live plant (Chenopodium capitatum)

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Description and uses:

Strawberry spinach or Chenopodium capitatum is a small annual plant that produces many small red berries that appear on its stems.
Originally from Asia, this fruit vegetable forms a clump 30 to 60 cm high.
Strawberry spinach seeds are very small, round and black in color. They resemble those of common plantain.

On strawberry spinach, you can eat both the leaves which have a slightly nutty taste and the small red strawberry-shaped berries.
Its small, juicy and tangy red fruits resemble strawberries or strawberry tree and have a beetroot taste.
Strawberry spinach is eaten like spinach, cooked or in salad.

Planting and cultivation:

Strawberry spinach plant 5 to 15 cm high, delivered in a plug.
As soon as you receive the plant, plant it quickly in a 3 liter pot with good horticultural soil, draining the bottom of the pot well.
Water when planting then place the crop in partial shade for a few days to acclimatize the plant to its new environment.

It is also possible to plant the plant directly in the ground in the garden or directly in the vegetable patch in a sunny location in spring or to acclimatize it before final planting in summer.

The growing period of strawberry spinach is very short, so it is entirely possible to grow several crops during the year.

Slugs and snails are very fond of it.

  • Very original and rare plant.
  • Produces lots of strawberry-shaped fruit.
  • Easy cultivation, without special maintenance.



Produit beaucoup, plante originale

Culture et entretien facile.
L'épinard fraise se développe très rapidement.


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Chenopodium capitatum STRAWBERRY SPINACH (plant)

Chenopodium capitatum STRAWBERRY SPINACH (plant)

STRAWBERRY SPINACH Live plant (Chenopodium capitatum)

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