Rhus typhina STAGHORN SUMAC (15 seeds)


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15 STAGHORN SUMAC seeds (Rhus typhina)

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Staghorn sumac or Rhus typhina is a plant of the family Anacardiaceae.
It is a shrub 3 to 4 meters high that comes from North America.
It has leaves cut into leaflets.
Its flowers and inflorescences are red, they can measure up to 25 cm in length, they resemble the flowers of castor bean.
Rhus typhina is a very hardy plant that easily resists at -25 ° C.
Staghorn sumac tree seeds are black, they resemble those of kudzu or achiote.

Staghorn sumac alludes to the hairs (malic acid) whose inflorescence is covered and which, with a high tannin content, justify the use of the infused plant in folk medicine.
The fruits are part of some lemonades called pink lemonade.

Rhus typhina has properties to relieve the blows and the traumatisms of the body.
In folk medicine, Native Americans attribute properties to him to treat arthritis and diarrhea.
The plant also has properties to stimulate the appetite like pineapple sage.

Sowing staghorn sumac seeds:
Start by soaking Rhus typhina seeds for 24 hours in hot water, then prepare a box of fine potting soil and bury the seeds under 4 to 5 millimeters of horticultural soil.
Then, gently water the crop using a hand-held sprayer and place the Rhus typhina culture in a greenhouse type location at a temperature of 25 to 30°C.
Staghorn sumac seeds usually germinate after a few weeks.

  • Atypical shrub with spectacular flowering,
  • The leaves also have a tropical aspect.
  • Resists cold well
  • Has some medicinal properties
  • Also used as an ornamental shrub.

Unusual and original plant seeds for sale to cultivate in the garden.


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Rhus typhina STAGHORN SUMAC (15 seeds)

Rhus typhina STAGHORN SUMAC (15 seeds)

15 STAGHORN SUMAC seeds (Rhus typhina)

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