Hylocereus undatus DRAGON FRUIT (20 seeds)


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Pitaya, pitahaya or dragon fruit is a cactus cactus of the family Cactaceae.
it is native to Central America, but nowadays it is cultivated everywhere in tropical zone.
Its flowers are huge, they are white with yellow heart, a real wonder.
there is also a variety of yellow pitaya.
Dragon fruit seeds are black in the shape of a drop of water, they look like those of venus fly trap but in bigger.

The fruit of the red pitaya weighs about 350 grams and measures about ten centimeters.
It is edible, very low in calories, has a thick red skin with small leaves. (like scales)

This cactus looks like virgin vines was imported to Vietnam by French settlers in the early nineteenth century.

In traditional medicine, pitahaya is attributed to many digestive virtues.
100 grams of fruit contain only about 50 calories.
Dragon fruit has many minerals, is rich in vitamins and is a powerful antioxidant for the body as well as wolfberryjiaogulan or cape gooseberry.

Sowing pitaya seeds:

Sow your dragon fruit seeds, in a box of fine potting soil, cover your substrate seeds by only 1 to 2 mm.
Then, spray water reasonably well on the potting soil.
Then place your box in a very warm place at 30 to 35 ° C.
Do not re-water your seedlings until the pitahaya seeds have sprouted! (risk of damping off)
Wait for your dragon fruit plants to make 2 cm before transplanting them into pots separately.

  • Cactus really atypical, little spicy.
  • Beautiful flowering and unusual fruits.
  • Very easy to grow, requires little maintenance.
  • Growth relatively fast for a cactus.

Also exists as a plant to grow.




Germination rapide, parfait
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Taux de germination élevé

Graines de pitaya semées directement dans un mélange de sable et terreau à semis.
Germination en 10 jours seulement.

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Hylocereus undatus DRAGON FRUIT (20 seeds)

Hylocereus undatus DRAGON FRUIT (20 seeds)


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