Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR (tree)


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Maidenhair or Ginkgo biloba in Latin is the oldest tree on earth since it appeared more than 270 million years ago.
It was still present during the time of the dinosaurs on earth and resisted all the climatic changes of the earth.

The Ginkgo is a medium-sized tree, reaching 20 to 35 meters.
Their lifespan is very long, since some specimens are known to be more than 2000 years old.
Maidenhair is a dioecious tree, meaning that each tree is either male or female.

In medicine, ginkgo leaf extract is used. It is also possible to consume the leaves in the form of herbal teas or infusions.

Maidenhair tree plant
7 to 20 cm high.

As soon as you receive the forty tree plant, transplant it into a pot with good horticultural soil.
Drain the bottom of the pot well with clay balls before planting.
It is also possible to plant it directly in the garden in a large location in full sun.
For planting in the ground, you will need to protect your Ginkgo tree plant well the first year by mulching its base and protecting it with a winter cover.

It is possible to grow Ginkgo like a bonsai.

  • Very beautiful majestic tree.
  • Has multiple medicinal properties.
  • Very old species.
  • Rustic without special requirements.

Also available in packet form for sale to sow.



joli petit plant

reste plus qu'a le laisser pousser.

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Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR (tree)

Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR (tree)


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