Eucalyptus deglupta RAINBOW TREE (20 seeds)


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Rainbow tree called also Eucalyptus deglupta in Latin is an exotic and tropical tree of the Myrtaceae family.
It is native to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.
It is also found in French Polynesia, New Guinea, New Britain, Seram and Sulawesi.
Its flowers are white, they look very similar to the flowers of blue gum tree.
Rainbow tree seeds are tiny and brown in color.

This exotic tree is grown for the color of its trunk which is very decorative and totally original.
This extraordinary tree permanently loses its smooth bark which comes off in shreds and which gradually changes color as it ages.
The bark starts out pale green then begins to darken before becoming bluish or even purple, then orange and finally brown, which explains its French name rainbow tree.

It is a tropical tree that can withstand frost for short periods.
This original eucalyptus can reach a height of 60 meters at adult size with a trunk with a diameter of 2 meters in circumference, it is not currently cultivated as a bonsai.

The most favorable period for sowing Eucalyptus deglupta seeds is from the end of May to the end of July.

For the germination of rainbow eucalyptus seeds, you must use a light and very draining substrate.
It is recommended to sterilize the soil before germination.
Seeds should be sown on the surface of the substrate without burying them.
The substrate must remain moist throughout the germination period.

Rainbow tree seeds require close to 100% humidity, so it is best to use a seedling greenhouse for the duration of germination.
The optimal temperature should be at least 30 degrees.

Germination of eucalyptus deglupta seeds will begin 2 to 6 weeks after sowing.

Rainbow eucalyptus plants should be planted in full sun.

  • Magnificent ornamental plant.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.
  • Rare and unique eucalyptus variety in the world.

Rare plant seeds to grow in a greenhouse or mild climate.



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quelle merveille!

Cette variété d'Eucalyptus est tout simplement magnifique.
Les dégradés de couleur de son écorce en fait un arbre insolite.

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Eucalyptus deglupta RAINBOW TREE (20 seeds)

Eucalyptus deglupta RAINBOW TREE (20 seeds)


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