Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)


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20 seeds MEXICAN TARRAGON (Tagetes lucida)

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Tagetes Lucida, Yauhtli or Mexican tarragon is a fragrant herb native to Mexico, reaching a height of 50 cm.
Its leaves are dotted with small glands containing an essential oil.
This herb is also used for its entheogenic properties.

The Tagetes lucida or tarragon Mexico has a very mild taste of anise.
In Mexico, the herb is used as a tea to soothe sore stomach to relax and or reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

The Tagetes lucida is also used in shamanic ritual entheogen as Mexican drinking several infusions of leaves after.
Effects occur within a few tens of minutes feeling very anti-stress followed by visual hallucinations.
It is also used as a flavor agent in soups, sauces etc..

- Perennial, but not resistant to frost.
- Very beautiful yellow flowers May to October.
- Has a smell and taste very pronounce anise.
- Very good herb effective, careful, don't overdo it!

Don't use without medical advice
A collectible only as ethnobotanicals plants.


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Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)

Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)

20 seeds MEXICAN TARRAGON (Tagetes lucida)

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