Cestrum parqui CHILEAN CESTRUM (5 seeds)


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5 CHILEAN CESTRUM seeds (Cestrum parqui)

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Chilean Cestrumblooming Jasmine or Cestrum parqui is a small shrub of South America.
It belongs to the Solanaceae family.
He is from central Chile, Peru and Argentina.
Blooming jasmine produces a multitude of small white flowers in summer.
Its flowers give off a very pleasant smell reminiscent of jasmine at dusk.

During the pre-Columbian period, Mapuches in southern Chile used Cestrum parqui in medicine and religious rituals.
They used Cestrum parqui as a tobacco substitute.

Sowing seeds of Cestrum parqui:
To start the cultivation, soak your blooming jasmin seeds for a few hours in warm water.
Then, bury your Chilean Cestrum seeds at night under 4 to 5 mm of previously moistened peat.
Finally, place your pots of Cestrum in a greenhouse at a temperature of at least 25 ° C.
Germination of blooming jasmine seeds begins after 3 to 5 weeks.

- Plant recommended near a terrace or balcony.
- The smell of jasmine flowers will charm you. (equivalent to Cestrum nocturnum)
- Fits very well for the open ground (in mild climate) or for a potted crop.

Also available in the form of live plant to be planted directly in pots or in the garden.

Do not consume without medical advice.
To collect only as an ornamental plant or for the collection of ethnobotanical and shamanic plants.


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Cestrum parqui CHILEAN CESTRUM (5 seeds)

Cestrum parqui CHILEAN CESTRUM (5 seeds)

5 CHILEAN CESTRUM seeds (Cestrum parqui)

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