Silene capensis XHOSA DREAM PLANT (15 seeds)


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15 seeds of XHOSA DREAM PLANT (Silene capensis)

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Silene capensis or Xhosa Dream Plant is a plant of the family Caryophyllaceae.
It is a tropical plant of South Africa.
It measures 15 centimeters in height, its flower rises to 50 cm high.
Flowering is white in summer.
The seeds of Xhosa Dream Plant are small and round, the size of those of the Mexican poppy or deadly nightshade.

Silene capensis is a species considered by Xhosa healers as a sacred herb.

Xhosa healers use the roots of this plant, as do the leaves of the dream herbs to induce prophetic dreams and to communicate with spirits.
This allowed them to help people in the tribe for psychological, physical, mental, and medical illnesses.
Sowing seeds Xhosa Dream Plant:
Sow your Silene capensis seeds in a box of fine potting soil, cover your dream root seeds with one or two millimeters of soil.
Water with a sprayer then place your seed box in a warm place whose temperature should be at least 25 ° C.
The germination of Xhosa dream plant seeds usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

- Sacred tropical plant of South Africa.
- Plant easy to cultivate.
- Beautiful white bloom.
- Very rare variety.

Also exists as a live plant for growing in the garden.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Intended only for the collection of ethnobotanical and shamanic plant seeds.


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Silene capensis XHOSA DREAM PLANT (15 seeds)

Silene capensis XHOSA DREAM PLANT (15 seeds)

15 seeds of XHOSA DREAM PLANT (Silene capensis)

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