Ficus benjamina WEEPING FIG (plant)


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Ficus benjamina also called weeping fig is a decorative green plant from the Moraceae family just like the common fig tree.
This tree is native to India and more generally to Asia and Oceania.
Its leaves are shiny and rather thin.
Its trunk is light gray, it is a beautiful houseplant.
Weeping fig seeds are tiny, they resemble those of the banyan fig tree.

Some varieties are also called weeping fig or simply ficus.
This Ficus is a decorative indoor green plant whose cultivation adapts very well to an apartment or office environment.
Ficus benjamina is also a plant that cleans indoor air in apartments.

Weeping fig plant
10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug.

As soon as you receive your Ficus benjamina plant, plant it in a 5 liter pot of horticultural soil, remember to drain the bottom of the pot and place a dish underneath to retain the water.
Gently water your crop and place your ficus plant in a very bright location.

Growing in open ground is only possible in mild climates.

  • Very easy to grow indoor green plant.
  • Depolluting plant.
  • Ideal for creating bonsai.
  • Adapts to any type of environment.


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Ficus benjamina WEEPING FIG (plant)

Ficus benjamina WEEPING FIG (plant)


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