Piper betle BETEL LEAF (plant)


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Piper betle or betel is a climbing plant of the Piperaceae family, like pepper.
This vine is native to Malaysia and now thrives in India and Indonesia.
Its leaves are heart-shaped and have many medicinal properties used in infusions.
It can reach a height of around one meter high.
Its seeds are tiny and resemble those of pepper.

In India, its leaves are chewed with lime (calcium oxide) and areca nut in a preparation which takes its name betel.
Lime acts as a catalyst, and areca contains the alkaloid arecoline which promotes salivation, with saliva becoming tinged red.
Tobacco is sometimes added to the preparation.

Betel, plant 7 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug with beautiful roots.
Upon receipt, transplant it into a 2 liter pot of potting soil rich in organic matter, add clay balls if possible to facilitate aeration and drainage of the substrate.
Water it well when planting and place it in a shady place.
This pepper plant needs a lot of heat.
It is possible to plant it directly in the ground in a mild climate in a semi-shaded location.

  • Rare climbing species in Europe.
  • Gives a beautiful exotic look.
  • Leaves with a specific odor.

Do not consume without medical advice.


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Piper betle BETEL LEAF (plant)

Piper betle BETEL LEAF (plant)


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