Nicotiana glauca BLUE TOBACCO (30 seeds)


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30 seeds BLUE TOBACCO (Nicotiana glauca)

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Nicotiana glauca is a species of wild blue tobacco known by the common name tree tobacco.
Its leaves are attached to the stalk by petioles (many other Nicotiana species have sessile leaves), and its leaves and stems are neither pubescent nor sticky like Nicotiana tabacum. It grows to heights of more than two meters.

Tree tobacco is native to South America but it is now widespread as an introduced species on other continents.
It is a common roadside weed in the southwestern United States.

The plant is used for a variety of medicinal purposes and smoked by Native American groups.
The Cahuilla Indians used leaves interchangeably with other tobacco species in hunting rituals and as a poultice to treat swellings, bruises, cuts, wounds, boils, sores, inflamed throat, and swollen glands.
Contains the toxic alkaloid nicotine.



requiero comprar semillas para 50 hectareas

Nicotiana Glauca

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Nicotiana glauca BLUE TOBACCO (30 seeds)

Nicotiana glauca BLUE TOBACCO (30 seeds)

30 seeds BLUE TOBACCO (Nicotiana glauca)

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