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Monarda citriodora LEMON BEEBALM (25 seeds)


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25 seeds LEMON BEEBALM / MONARDA (Monarda citriodora)

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Lemon beebalm or Monarda citriodora is a perennial of the Lamiaceae family.
It has the distinction of giving off a lemon scent.
Flowers are purple in color and bloom in summer.
The lemon sunflower seeds are small and brown, they same those of savory or common rue.

The flowers and leaves of the lemon shrimp can be eaten in salads or as garnishes in various dishes.

In traditional medicine, the Amerindians consumed Lemon beebalm in the form of an infusion of leaves and flowers.
Monarda citriodora infusions are recommended to fight sore throats, coughs and nausea.

The plant attracts many insects including bees.

Sowing of Lemon beebalm seeds:
Sow your Monarda citriodora seeds in a 20 cm diameter pot filled with fine potting soil.
Cover your seeds with 2 to 3 mm of soil and spray.
place your pot in a warm place.
The seeds of Monarda citriodora usually germinate after one to two weeks.
Once your seedlings measure 7 to 8 cm, transplant them to the garden or a larger pot separately.

- Medicinal plant with many uses.
- Beautiful purple flowers in summer ideal for massive or planter.
- To cultivate in full sun see partial shade.
- Very productive plant.

Do not consume without medical advice.


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Monarda citriodora LEMON BEEBALM (25 seeds)

Monarda citriodora LEMON BEEBALM (25 seeds)

25 seeds LEMON BEEBALM / MONARDA (Monarda citriodora)

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