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Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)


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25 seeds RED QUINOA (Chenopodium quinua)

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This product will be available 01/01/2018, find it on the partner website lagrainetiere.

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Red Quinoa is an annual plant of the Amaranthaceae family, grown for its seeds are rich in protein.
Red Quinoa is native to South America (Peru and Bolivia), where he was an important food for over 6000 years.
Such as beans, potatoes and corn, quinoa was the staple diet of pre-Columbian civilizations, but, unlike the latter, it has not attracted the attention of the Spanish conquerors

Quinoa was a sacred plant among the Incas.
The Incas called quinoa chisaya mama or mother of all grains.

The plant is rich in protein, but also in saponin (soap plant)

- Highly resistant to drought, single culture.
- Contains many omega3, iron and protein.
- Although stratify the seeds before germination.


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Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)

Chenopodium quinoa RED QUINOA (25 seeds)

25 seeds RED QUINOA (Chenopodium quinua)

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