Artemisia absinthium WORMWOOD (100 seeds)


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100 WORMWOOD seeds (Artemisia absinthium)

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Artemisia absinthium or Wormwood is a silvery-green perennial herb growing up to 1.5 meters tall which contains the volatile oil thujone.
It is added to distilled ethanol to create absinthe.
Its effects alone are not well understood.

A common way to use wormwood is to make tea of it.
Soak 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot (non-boiling) water.
The tea has a bitter taste, which hardly can be avoided.
You can mix it with peppermint leaves or anise. However sweet can't be combined with bitter, so don't mix your tea with sugar.

Wormwood is poisonous.
Long and intensive use can lead to addiction, corporal and psychical decline and it can lead to nervosity, restlessness and cramps.

Sowing Wormwood seeds:

Sow the seeds of Artemisia absinthium in a box with a fine soil, cover them on a few millimeters with soil, pack with the hands and water with a sprayer.
It is preferable to stratify the Wormwood seeds before sprouting.

Renew the irrigation every 3 days if this seems useful.
The Wormwood seeds will rise between 2 and 4 weeks.



Excellent taux de germination

J ai semé mes graines d absinthe à la volée par dessus ma zone de plantation sans les recouvrir
Les premier plants font déjà 2 cm de hauteur.

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Artemisia absinthium WORMWOOD (100 seeds)

Artemisia absinthium WORMWOOD (100 seeds)

100 WORMWOOD seeds (Artemisia absinthium)

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