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Anamirta cocculus FISH BERRY / LEVANT NUT (6 seeds)


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6 FISHBERRY or LEVANT NUT fresh seeds (Anamirta cocculus)

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Fish berry, levant nut or Anamirta cocculus is a climbing shrub of the family Menispermaceae.
Its flowers are yellowish white.
Fish berry seed is round, about the size of the Lotus or baobab.
Anamirta cocculus is a plant from India used mainly for fishing and as a medicinal plant.
It is a plant nevertheless very toxic.

When fishing, levant nut seeds once crushed are used in the primer to knock out the fish.
Once drugged, fish become totally crazy, making fishing extremely easy.
There are also two types of plants used for fishing, common rue and strychnine tree.

In medicine, Anamirta cocculus is a respiratory stimulant used as an antidote in cases of barbiturate poisoning.
The plant has also been used to make a much stronger beer quality.

Sowing Anamirta cocculus seeds:
To start, soak your fish berry seeds 48 hours in warm water, they will tend to float, no worries to have it is normal for them.
Then prepare pots with a mixture of peat + sand previously moistened then bury your seeds under 1 cm deep.
Finally, place your pots in a warm place at a temperature of 30 to 35 ° C.
Levant nut seeds germinate after 4 to 6 weeks.

- Exotic climbing plant rare.
- Seeds used for fishing by Asian ethnic tribes.
- Has medicinal use.

Do not consume, seed and plant highly toxic.
To be cultivated only ornamentally as an Asian plant.

not intended for human consumption.




Bonjour comment la prépare ton dans l'amorce cordialement



quel sont les quantités pour la peche merci



Comment faire la préparation de la coque du Levant dans l'amorce ? Et à quelle proportion ? Merci d'avance.

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Pêche miraculeuse

J'utilise les graines de coque du levant lors de partie de pêche, c'est impressionnant l'efficacité sur le nombre de prise.
C'est pas vraiment sportif mais très efficace.

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Anamirta cocculus FISH BERRY /  LEVANT NUT (6 seeds)

Anamirta cocculus FISH BERRY / LEVANT NUT (6 seeds)

6 FISHBERRY or LEVANT NUT fresh seeds (Anamirta cocculus)

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